Wintor Tube

-Wintor tube filter is produced by Has tobacco.


-Winter Tube is offered for sale in 200-box.

Calbor Tube

-Calbor tube filter is produced by Has tobacco.
-CalborTube is offered for sale in 200-box.

Has Tobacco

different and various tobaccos are produced in Turkey, these tobaccos are the members of (Oriental tobacco) oriental tobacco group cultivated in Middle East geography except some of them in terms of character and properties of use. It grows in Turkey, Middle East and Balkan in the hottest period of the summer. 


Turkish Orient tobacco can be cultivated without irrigation since it is of type of arid. Tobacco dried under sun in the rate of 100% is used for blend of oriental tobacco. Production of tobacco in our country is performed in unwatered soils mostly. Part of it is produced by fertilizing and irrigating. This process of fertilizing has negative effect on the quality of tobacco highly. 


Turkish tobacco is small and medium-sized characteristically. When tobacco cultivated in Turkey is dried, it becomes golden and red. These tobaccos have a significant role in determining the quality of the tobacco. Many factors such as maturity, disease,flexibility, odor, etc. determine the quality of tobacco. 


Turkish tobacco, oriental tobacco are dried under sun. Other types of tobacco are dried by heating or in the shade and gain different characters. 


As a result, techniques of drying in addition to the techniques of production make the type and quality of the tobacco distinctive.