Has Tobacco

 Our company started the activity of establishment of HAS TUTUNCULUK ve MAKARON SAN. Plant in 2013. It made the facilities ready in June 2014 and offered the products to the market. As soon as the products were offered, the products left their Marks on the sector and it became a brand in demand with high quality tube and Turkish tobacco. 

HAS TUTUNCULUK ve MAKARON San. carries on its operation at the address of Haci Sabanci organize sanayi bolgesi Cumhuriyet caddesi No: 22 Saricam/Adana. Our goal as Has Tutunculuk is to export the high quality oriental tobacco to the world market. 
Has Tobacco attends national and international fairs and introduces the oriental tobacco in the best way. It has been growing its portfolio day by day with its success at these events.
HAS TUTUNCULUK creates added value significantly for our country with the investments made and to be made. Has Tutunculuk increasing its objective carries out 85% of the production with recently established facilities at its tube facilities.
HAS TUTUNCULUK carrying on its activities on about 12000 m2 area and 8000 m2 closed area achieved the world standards with tubes and tobacco it produces.
Our company HAS TUTUNCULUK signed agreements with approximately 100 Turkish tobacco cultivators and created job opportunities for 100 families.
Has Tobacco proved itself in Turkey and abroad with the experienced staff adopting the principled honest commercial life.